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Will2Win Racing Blog

  • Series: Slow Road to a Fast Car | A Little Closer...

    Not much in the way of updates this round, but I did get some garage time in last Saturday. Put the Bubble on the lift and did the prep work for p...
  • Concept Art: Racer 0ne

    We’ll be back in the garage this weekend for the next step in the Slow Road to a Fast Car journey! Stay tuned for updates! For now, enjoy some of ...
  • Series: Slow Road to a Fast Car | Cleaning up the K.

    The weather's been great and as promised, we've been spending more time in the garage.  We'll be pulling the old d-series engine from the EG soon. ...
  • Jalopyrama 2021

    We had the pleasure of going to Jalopyrama this past weekend.  It's been too long since we've been able to go to a good old fashioned car show.  Th...
  • Series: The Slow Road to a Fast Car | Engine Pull & Parts Collection

    When we said "slow road" we weren't kidding!  I can't believe it's been over a year since we posted a car update.  Well, I guess there is no time l...
  • W2W Magazine: Lee Mayer & his '68 Shelby Tribute

    Welcome to our online magazine featuring our series "Friends of Will2Win" where we showcase the bad ass cars of the people we are privileged to kn...
  • Dad at Cecil County Dragway Fall 2009

  • CARantine 2020: Project Acura | Part 1: Will it Start?

    Join Todd as he tries to bring his Acura back to life.
  • CARantine2020: 1970 Opel GT Project Car

    ****UPDATE NOVEMBER 2020****

    This car was sold.  May she enjoy her new home.


    In our first CARantine 2020 video, Todd introduces his 1970 Opel GT project.  Check it out.

  • Abandoned Desoto

    Originally taken January 2016 in Ridgely, MD.  This spot looks a lot different now, so I'm glad I got this picture.
  • Blown '57 Chevy

    Originally taken May 2010 at Cruisin' Weekend in Ocean City, MD.
  • Maryland T-Bird

    Originally taken October 2011 in Mechanicsville, MD.