Series: Slow Road to a Fast Car | Phase I Build Complete (video)

**Edit**: I changed the embedded video below to a shorter (hopefully) more watchable version of the swap.  If you'd rather sit through the whole thing, you can still view it here: https://youtu.be/ZhG1CTw5mRo

That's it, folks.  We're finally here.  The W2W Civic EG build phase one is complete.  This process really did live up to the series name, but even though it's been a long, slow road, it's been totally worth it.

And now, I was able to compress 6 months of weekend garage time into a 25 minute video so you can enjoy it, too!

After the video, keep scrolling down for more info and the parts list.


Parts List

Wrecked 2005 Civic Si
- K20A3 Engine & Transmission
- AEM Intake
- Stock ECU
- Throttle Cable

1993 Honda Civic EG
- Stock Radiator
- Stock Braking System (for now)

- EGKLEAN Engine Mounts

K-Pro V4 (02-04 K-Series Engine)
4 Bar Map Sensor (K-Series)

Hybrid Racing
K-Series Swap Conversion Wiring Harness
A2 K-Series Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter Assembly
Shift Knob & Shift Boot Collar Combo
K-Series Swap Tucked Fuel System Package
K-Series Swap Coolant Temp Sensor Adapter
Honda Replacement Coolant Temperature Sensor
Denso Wideband/Primary O2 Sensor (K-series)
Hybrid Racing 10" Universal Slim Fan
K-Series Swap Ground Kit
K-Swap Clutch Line

Jackspania Racing
- Shifter Cables & Trans Bracket

- K-Series Spark Plug Cover

A/C & P/S Removal Kit with Alternator Relocation

DTR Header
- K-Series Swap BMC Lean Header

Insane Shafts
K-Series Swap 500HP Axles

Lessons Learned

1)  Spend the damn money.  Don't settle for anything less than the best part for the job.  You'll either spend the cost in labor trying to get it to work, or you might have to replace it later when it breaks. 
One example that comes to mind is the shifter cables.  Instead of buying the entire Hybrid Racing shifter kit with the cables, I went with a set I found on eBay.  They weren't bad quality and I did save a few hundred bucks, but those cables weren't really compatible with Hybrid's shifter box.  I got it to work and I think (hope) they'll last, but it took some doing to get it right.
Now, don't get me wrong, I am very happy with how this build turned out.  But I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't do some things a little differently for the next one.  I can say I did enjoy the challenge, though.

2)  Take your time to do it right.  No shortcuts, not even if you think it won't matter if you do.  Double and triple read the instructions and if something didn't fit just right, take it apart and do it again.  Yes, it's time consuming and wears at your patience, but the ends justify the means.

3)  There are significant advantages and disadvantages to using KLEAN mounts.  I originally bought them because I plan on adding a turbo setup to this build and that's ideally what they are for.  However, they really limit the space in the front of the car if you are using a stock intake manifold.  It was a challenge to even to get that little D-series stock radiator in and I had to cut the hood to make it fit.  One great advantage, though, is how the engine sits over the wheels.  It gives it noticeably better torque and the car really bites in 1st and 2nd.

4) The EP3 axles were NOT a one-to-one swap.  Before diving into this build I did some Google Fu, and found this thread on K20a.org (among tons of others) where there was constant debate on whether or not these axles would work in an EG.  I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to give it a shot, but nope....didn't work out.  The driver's side axle fit right, but the passenger side was an inch or two too short.  Thinking about it, the KLEAN mounts may have been the deciding factor due to the way the engine sits, but not 100% on that.  Just trying to save a few headaches for anyone out there that is about to do their own k-swap.  I ended up going with k-swap axles from Insane Shafts which worked out just fine.

Big Thanks To:

First and foremost I want to thank my Dad.  Not just because he let me use his garage and tools and time and expertise and...well, you get the idea...but for the fact that he supported me through this whole project.  This was my first official build and from the very beginning when we picked up the EG in Virginia, then right up to the first test run with the new K, he was there to help me through it all.  Thanks, Dad.

Todd Windsor - For hooking me up with that wrecked Civic EP3 and for the all-around inspiration.  I'm pretty confident that this build would never have happened if it wasn't for his influence.  Thanks, brother.  I hope I can do the same for you when it's time to get the Integra back on the track.

Hybrid Racing
- These guys are just awesome.  High quality parts & documentation and their customer service is the gold standard.

Danny Tran | DtrHeader.com - If you need an exhaust header, look no further.  Check out his Instagram @dannytrandtr

T Kirk Media - His K-Swap videos really helped me out along the way....especially the wiring harness piece.

H&H Racing Development - For their Hasport mounts tutorial vid.

Rust Belt Auto - For their EG shifter removal vid.

79th Productions - For their Honda clutch bleeding vid.

Thanks for reading!