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Series: The Slow Road to a Fast Car | Finding the Bubble

The 1993 Civic Hatchback.  We have always loved the Honda Civic style.  Lee's first import was an '88 Civic Hatchback.  After that, he had a '94 Civic DX coupe.  Of course, life got in the way as it tends to do, so those cars have been long gone.  But now, here is this car, a merge of those two.  For Lee, this car brings with it a bit of nostalgia.
Lee originally saw this car in an ad on the VA Craigslist back in Sept 2014 (pics are from the ad).  The guy said it was in "ok" condition and only wanted $800 for it.  $800 was a steal for this car.  It was like finding a unicorn; 91K original miles & the body was in great condition.  There was literally zero rust.  
Sure, the paint was faded and it didn't start, but it's a Honda.  It wouldn't take much to get it moving again.
We made the deal, pushed it up onto the trailer and got it ready for the trip to it's new home on MD's Eastern Shore.

Once we got it home we gave it a little TLC.  We replaced the fuel pump, fuel injectors, spark plugs, etc., and gave it an oil change.  We turned the key, and as you'd expect, it fought back a little.  But then it gave in and that little D-series engine fired up and ran like a champ.  Say what you will about that engine, but it's pretty damn reliable.  

For now, it's going to stay like this until our funds give us the opportunity for upgrades.