Return Policy

Shipping Confirmation

When making a purchase, it is your responsibility to confirm your correct shipping address.  We are not responsible for any lost items due to incorrect shipping addresses.


Clothing, Accessories, & Other Apparel

We provide detailed descriptions, pictures, and a comprehensive sizing guide for all of our clothing and accessories to help you when making your purchase.  We do not offer returns for these items unless there is a defect in the item or the printing process.  If you experience a defective product, please contact us at info@will2winracing.com.  Please note that shipping costs will not be refunded for any returned items.


Skateboard Decks

Skateboards are manufactured of sheets of laminated wood and can break under stress. Skateboard decks are not warranted and cannot be completely guaranteed by the manufacturers. Therefore, Will2WinRacing.com | The W2W Brand Store does not allow any returns on broken or cracked skateboard decks.

However, we will replace skateboard decks under the following circumstances:
- Skateboard was printed incorrectly. If the skateboard received by the customer does not match the design preview on the website, the skateboard will be considered as printed incorrectly. A perfect color match cannot be guaranteed since all computer monitors do not display colors in the same way.
- Skateboard deck is returned within 30 days of receipt
- Skateboard is as new and un-skated
- Skateboard grip tape has not been applied
- Skateboard trucks, bolts, or stickers have not been applied

In lieu of replacement Will2WinRacing.com | The W2W Brand Store, at its sole option, may refund the purchase price. Shipping costs will not be refunded. If you need to return a product, please contact us to obtain the proper address to ship your return. Your credit card will be refunded upon receipt of your returned skateboard deck.

If you feel there is a printing error or quality issue with the product, please send the question to info@will2winracing.com. A representative will contact you shortly.